Professor Carl Mitchell
Carl Mitchell is a Professor in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto - Scarborough, with graduate appointments in the Department of Geography, the UTSC Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences, and the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Mitchell completed his PhD in Physical Geography at the University of Toronto in 2007 and undertook a postdoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center until July 2008, when he was hired as an Assistant Professor at UTSC. Dr. Mitchell is currently the Associate Graduate Chair of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences. He served within the earth and environmental science community as the President of the Canadian Geophysical Union (2019-21) and is current Past-President. Professor Mitchell is also an Associate Editor at Frontiers in Environmental Science

Dr. Mitchell usually teaches: 
Haiyong (Planck) Huang, PhD Candidate
Planck began his Ph.D. research in September 2017 and is investigating molecular interactions between dissolved organic matter, sulphur and mercury to better understand when and where mercury becomes more bioavailable to microbes who produce methylmercury. 
Wai Ying Lam, PhD Candidate
Wai began her PhD in September 2019. She is studying the hydrology of northwestern Ontario boreal watersheds as well as how physiography and forest harvesting impact mercury export from these watersheds. She is also interested in the biogeochemical implications related to beaver activity in disturbed watersheds.
Sayuri Sagisaka, PhD Student
Sayuri began her PhD in September 2020. She is conducting a series of lab-scale experiments to broaden our understanding of how forestry practices and climate change impact mercury cycling processes including methylation, demethylation, and gaseous mercury exchange between soils and air. 
Recent Postdoc, Ph.D. and Masters Alumni
Dr. Meng Si (postdoc). 
Dr. Colin McCarter (postdoc). Now Assistant Professor at Nipissing University. 
Dr. Vaughn Mangal (postdoc). Now Assistant Professor at Brock University. 

Dr. David McLagan (PhD 2018). Co-supervised with Prof. Frank Wania. Now Assistant Professor at Queen's University. 
Dr. Kristine Haynes (PhD 2017). Now Postdoctoral Fellow at Wilfrid Laurier University. 
Dr. Rachel Strickman (PhD 2017). Now Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Washington. 

Chelsea Crundwell (MEnvSc 2021).
Jiaying Liu (MEnvSc 2021).
Rodrigo Santos Sousa (MEnvSc 2020).
Mike Tredree (MEnvSc 2020). 
Talin Atikian (MEnvSc 2019). 
Barton Graff (MEnvSc 2019). 
Yidan Zhang (MEnvSc 2018). Currently PhD student in South Korea. 
Kevin Ng (MSc 2017).  
Fauzia Akhter (MEnvSc 2017). Currently science teacher at the US Military Academy. 
Tim Trembath (MEnvSc 2017). Currently watershed research technician in Alberta. 
Nadine Hanneson (MEnvSc 2016). Currently environmental consultant. 
David Lane (MSc 2015). Currently PhD student in Chemistry. 
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