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We also make article post-prints of our papers freely available (after journal embargo periods) on the University of Toronto repository, TSpace

Recent Publications from the WATER Group
Huang, H.; Mangal, V.; Rennie, M.; Tong, H.; Simpson, M.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2022) Mercury methylation and methylmercury demethylation in boreal lake sediment with legacy sulphate pollution. Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 24, 932-944. 
Lam, W.Y.; Mackereth, R.W.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2022) Landscape controls on total mercury and methylmercury export from small boreal forest catchments. Biogeochemistry, 160, 89-104.
Mangal, V.; Lam, W.Y.; Huang, H.; Emilson, E.J.S.; Mackereth, R.W.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2022) Molecular correlations of dissolved organic matter with inorganic mercury and methylmercury in Canadian boreal streams. Biogeochemistry, 160, 127-144.
McCarter, C.P.R.; Sebestyen, S.D.; Eggert, S.L.; Kolka, R.K.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2022) Effects of forest harvesting and residual biomass harvesting on hillslope mercury mobilization and downgradient mercury accumulation. Journal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences, e2022JG006826.
Pierce, C.E.; Furman, O.S.; Nicholas, S.L.; Coleman Wasik, J.; Sebestyen, S.D.; Kolka, R.K.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Griffiths, N.; Elias, D.; Nater, E.A.; Toner, B.M. (2022) The role of ester sulfate and organic disulfide in mercury methylation in peat soils. Environmental Science & Technology, 56(2), 1433-1444.
Strickman, R.J.; Larson, S.; Huang, H.; Kakouros, E.; Marvin-Dipasquale, M.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Neumann, R.B. (2022) The relative importance of mercury methylation and demethylation in rice paddy soil varies depending on the presence of rice plants. Ecotoxicology & Environmental Safety, 230, 113143.
Awonaike, B.; Lei, Y.; Parajulee, A.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Wania, F. (2021) Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and quinones in urban and rural stormwater run-off: Effects of land use and storm characteristics. ACS ES&T Water, 1(5), 1209-1219.
McCarter, C.P.R.; Sebestyen, S.D.; Eggert, S.L.; Kolka, R.K.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2021) Differential subsurface mobilization of ambient mercury and isotopically enriched mercury tracers in harvested and undisturbed forests. Biogeochemistry, 154, 119-138.
Naccarato, A.; Tassone, A.; Martino, M.; Moretti, S.; Macagnano, A.; Zampetti, E.; Papa, P.; Avossa, J.; Pirrone, N.; Nerentorp, M.; Munthe, J.; Wangberg, I.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Stupple, G.W.; Martin. A.R.; Steffen, A.; Babi, D.; Prestbo, E.; Sprovieri, F.; Wania, F. (2021) A field intercomparison of three passive air samplers for gaseous mercury in ambient air. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 14, 3657-3672.
Ni, F.J.; Bhavsar, S.P.; Poirier, D.; Branfireun, B.A.; Petro, S.; Arts, M.; Chong-Kit, R.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Arhonditsis, G.B. (2021) Examination of the effects of the frequency of water level fluctuations on mercury cycling. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 220, 112354.
Quant, I.M.; Feigis, M.; Mistry, S.; Lei, Y.D.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Staebler, R.; Di Guardo, A.; Terzaghi, E.; Wania, F. (2021) Using passive air samplers to quantify vertical gaseous elemental mercury concentration gradients within a forest and above soil. Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres, 126(15), e2021JD034981.
Snow, M.A.; Feigis, M.; Lei, Y.D.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Wania, F. (2021) Development, characterization and testing of a personal passive sampler for measuring inhalation exposure to gaseous elemental mercury. Environmental International, 146, 106264.
Stelling, J.; Sebestyen, S.D.; Griffiths, N.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Green, M. (2021) The stable isotopes of natural waters at the Marcell Experimental Forest. Hydrological Processes, 35(10), e14336.
Zheng, W.; Chandan, P.; Steffen, A.; Stupple, G.; De Vera, J.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Wania, F.; Bergquist, B.A. (2021) Mercury stable isotopes reveal the sources and transformations of atmospheric Hg in the high Arctic. Applied Geochemistry, 131, 105002.
Bishop, K.; Shanley, J.B.; Riscassi, A.; de Wit, H.A; Eklof, K.; Meng, B.; Mitchell, C.; Osterwalder, S.; Schuster, P.F.; Webster, J.; Zhu, W. (2020) Recent advancements in understanding and measurements of mercury in the environment: Terrestrial Hg cycling. Science of the Total Environment, 721, 137647. 
Lane, D.; McCarter, C.P.R.; Richardson, M.; McConnell, C.; Field, T.; Yao, H.; Arhonditsis, G.; Mitchell, C.P.J. (2020) Wetlands and low gradient topography are associated with longer hydrologic transit times in Precambrian Shield headwater catchments. Hydrological Processes, 34(3), 5989-614. 
Szponar, N.; McLagan, D.S.; Kaplan, R.J.; Mitchell, C.P.J.; Wania, F.; Steffen, A.; Stupple, G.W.; Monaci, F.; Bergquist, B.A. (2020) Isotopic characterization of atmospheric gaseous elemental mercury by passive air sampling. Environmental Science & Technology, 54(17), 10533-10543. 
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